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The holidays, were creeping in extremely quickly for the guardians and freedom fighters paired with the G.U.N agents, but as well as the chaotix. So, as for a little bit of entertainment, the three major teams decided to have a competition; to see whom could have the most lights.
Deep breaths, filled with steam came out of a red echidna’s mouth, as he moved towards the top of his teams H.Q. As usual, the leader was in charge of getting the most dangerous job; while the others stayed relatively close to the ground. At least one of the chaotixs has a heart, the red male thought happily as he looked down at his chameleon friend; espio. Who at the present moment was busy decking the windows with various garlands, lights and decorations, before syncing them in with the groups light box. “How’s a going espio?” the red echidna called, as he glided to his next destination “fine fine… almost done” the purple male stated taking another glass ball off his golden yellow horn and putting it onto his present window frame. Before then tugging on his harness and being pulled up to the next.
All the while the rest of the team; charmy and vector, were busying themselves with covering the yard in light up: reindeer, candy canes, a Santa clause and a few hoops. That were completely infused with some of the brightest L.E.Ds that the crocodile could find. Sighing the reptilian pulled off his head phones; which at the present moment were blaring techno dub step holiday songs into his ears and looked up to the two building scalars. “You guys good up there?” the male yelled as both put out their thumbs in an upward position before continuing their tasks at hand. Nodding the crocodile began to put a few more trees into the snow and slipped his ear phones back onto his ears so as to keep on task.
Meanwhile, at haven H.Q the brotherhood were all debating what theme their lights would be this year. “I’m saying eighties” a lavender echidna stated as he watched his sixth son shake his head, “although that would be a rather interesting idea… I still believe it’s to stereotypical” the male stated in disagreement. “then let’s go with a miscellaneous theme, with of some of the brightest lights we can get out old hands on then” another red male stated as he watched three of his family members nod their heads, in agreement. “Right right and what type of music does ‘miscellaneous’ Christmas lights play to?” the father of the male huffed as they watched the metaphorical leader of the group shift in his chair. “Obviously any type of music thunderhawk” the black robed echidna stated in a low toned voice as everyone else nodded their heads.
“I agree that seemed like a rather good idea” a brown echidna stated adjusting his blue robes. “Then there we have it! We’ll do a miscellaneous Christmas” another brown echidna stated joyfully as he floated towards the door. “Not so fast atheir, now we have the task of tracking down stores” the black male ordered getting to his feet and walking over to the security unit and beginning to type. Alright then general Christmas… what are we getting this year? Thunderhawk sarcastically growled in his head As he walked up beside his father to watch his fingers hit the keys almost twice every second. instantly after he blinked a list of various stores poofed up on screen ok… maybe he does know what he’s doing… the lavender male thought in shock as he glued his eyes to the screen. this might just be one of the most brightest Christmas’s ever! Atheir thought in happiness as he too looked to the screens in excitement and waited where he’d be assigned to.
“incoming!” a black hedgehog yelped as he swooped above a grey hedgehogs head and onto a window sill “nice one!!” the male then laughed as he began winding the various shrubbery outside freedom H.Q with garland. While a brown chipmunk followed closely behind him and decorated all the trees with glass balls and other holiday decorations wow… G’s pretty darn quick with his garlands the female thought as she watched the hedgehog leap into the air, throwing the garland professionally around the tree before then tying the end to the trunk and moving onto another.
right then, a blue and orange blur shot passed, trailing behind it was about six or seven feet of lights “ready tails?” the blue male asked as he threw the fox at his black friend who quickly dodged and allowed the two tailed male to land beside him. “light delivery!~” tails happily stated as he handed the other male the lights “thank you miles, I was just about out anyways” the ultimate life form stated hooking the string to his black belt and transportated to another window sill and began decorating it in lights. “so, everything’s on schedule… perfect” a white and black male stated as his cape gently swayed behind him as he warped the next set of lights to his acomplis on to other side of the head quarters than the black hedgehog “are you doing alright up there!” the chemist yelled as he watched the other nod it’s head “perfectly fine! Heh heights defiantly don’t bother me!” the male added sarcastically as he hooked the last bit of the string into place before adding garland, glass balls and a few other hanging lights before syncing them to the system.
Finally after finalizing the windows and practically all of the metal building both the red echidna and the purple chameleon got down from the roof. “so, that’s one part done in only seven HOURS!!” knuckles groaned rubbing a sore spot on his neck “now there’s just the kilometer landing space and the yard to pimp out in dub step lights and then this place is ready for the holidays!” vector stated with a laugh as the other three nodded silently before heading inside for dinner.
Indeed all of the players in the competition were all prepared to bring their all in the large light shows, but the question that now remained was; who would rein victorious amongst all of the glorious, twinkly lights. Stay tuned for the DAYS OF CHRISTMAS’s upcoming chapters to find out!

edit: new idea, if someone wants, they can continue the idea and write the next chapter!
(two per person max please)
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December 10, 2013