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hey guys, guess what, I might be starting up a buisness >.< I'll be making t-shirts with my art on it.
Are you all excited? Cause I know I am.
(please note... This will take a LONG time to start up seeing as we need to get the printer and the supplies but... We'll get there)

What do you guys think I'll need to make t-shirts? I need yo opinion. Comment below if you've got ideas/tutorials. It'll be majorly helpful.


So, seeing as I can't do art at the moment I've decided to start up a few literal RP's!
So, I'll tell you guys how it works.
Things are changing, characters are being edited and pictures will be commented on. IT HAS BEGUN AND I SHALL RETURN IN A BLAZE OF FIRE!!
  that is all

- one deviant per prompt
- its first come first serve
- your character can be an original (or if it is a T.v show/anime based RP, you can use a canon character)
- as the Roleplay starters are put up, I'll put them on this journal and tell which are open and which aren't.
-those which are taken, will have the deviant who took it, but as well as an identification that it is "Closed"
- I'll be making more than one of these 'starters' I promise,
- also: by first come first serve: I mean the first to write a post.
- also, if you have an idea that hasn't been put up yet: ask me to put a starter up for you ^-^ I'll say it's reserved and then go from there :3. 
- one more thing:
- ok FINE, last thing:
If you reserve a starter (that wasn't thought up by you). You have one day to make a post and post it or else it goes to someone else.

alright! here's the starters:

Of foxes and pirates: here's the link
   my character: soon-kai
   world: atmos (storm hawks)
   canon characters: optional
    location: somewhere amoung the skies
    status: CLOSED
     deviant: kachina-the-mouse

change: link
 my character: tysone (He's new, yes, but his reference and history is comming soon)
     world: zorophia (my world)
       canon characters?: nope
             location: a large city (country is unknown but the weather is kinda like canada's in the spring time)
                  status: CLOSED
                      deviant: seekess
talyree:  talyreeThe dim lit tavern, was full of laughter and smiles, as a jester, dressed in reds browns and golds continued his act. From juggling, to singing, this male captivated everyone within this small drinking establishment, even those whom had been pranked to the point of exhaustion, were giggling at the pale man's gestures.
my character: talyree (a jester elf) 
world: depends
canon characters: optional 
location: within a tavern somewhere.
status: open 
deviant: N/A

desperation:  DesperationYou are a child/teenager who works at a cafe, every day, an extremely gaunt sillafox arrives early in the morning and orders almost everything on the menu, at first you simply brush it off as this particular male is simply hungry. But for some reason, each time he arrives he still seems extremely thin, which, noting his appetite, is extremely surprising and so, as the store is closing and you are about to leave, you decide to confront this odd male to see if he would give you the secret to being so impressively thin.
(Seeing as you've tried EVERYTING and nothing has worked for you).

my character: azzrail (a sillafox)
world: atmos or zorophia
canon characters: optional 
location: a cafe within a city
status: OPEN
deviant: N/A 

Blizzard:  blizzardCold, arctic winds blew in the faces of a three man caravan, as they continued north towards their home village. Each one of them was draped in thick, elf fur jackets with beads and leather straps creating designs on their backs and arms.
Breathing out a thick cloud of steam, the large, twelve foot male bringing up the back of the fleet rubbed his hands against his large, broad arms the cold was finally beginning to slice through his gear, which only made the reality that they had the total of three days before they had arrived home even darker.
"Blooody 'ell" the leader of the crew growled, as a supple hand traveled down to his slowly bleeding side "I can' take much mo' of this" the male stated as he slowed his pace, nearly falling over as his feet finally managed to halt themselves. "We can stop if you want" the center male them murmured gently as he slowly reached out in a vain attempt to touch his elders wound. Only for his thick gloved hand to be harshly swiped at by the wounded,

 vorocaust (the 'middle man')
axrias (the BIG black silla) 
location: in the middle of an arctic area
world:  zorophia

Good luck ladies and gents!!


Artist | Student | Digital Art
A video game nerd/gamer.
A dreamer.
An artist.
A writer.

My dream is to:
Meet at LEAST 3 of my watchers in person.
Create a video game.
Cosplay as a plague doctor.

My art style:
Is still in progress.
Needs work.
Is unique.

I am:
welcome to the eye of the storm.

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